With offices and representations in Germany, Greece, Spain and the USA,
MERCON truly offers a global incubation network to its clients.


For more than two decades we are a successful consulting company that leads its clients to growth. With a clear methodology we measure, analyze and come up with innovative solutions that stretch the common ways and deliver the extra value that our clients admire so much.

We are specialists in managing change and have helped hundreds of clients solving their needs.


With offices and represantations in Germany, Greece, Spain and the USA and over 300 Partners in more then 60 countries, MERCON truly offers a network on demand to its clients.


Let’s say you want to invest in new ideas and businesses? Mercon knows where and how. We know what’s on the pitch and can help you, according to your budget and strategy, to find the right match for you.

We also offer to invest descreetly as a trustee for you. Get in touch with us and ask for a meeting, you will be surprised to see who we have already guided to success.


Are you already a start up company or are you currently in that thrilling phase right before? Do you have an idea without knowing how to get your business started?
Well here’s the deal – talk to us.

Mercon experts will help you with any topic you might need help in. Programmers? Lawyers? Building up sales and service departments? Scalable IT-structure? Venture capital?

No matter what, incubation consulting is Mercons specialty.


Lately we aquired an ideation company that is experienced in creating new products and services. No matter in what business you are in, or in what business you want to be in.

According to what your briefing is, we will come up with the right solution. And if it needs a new company for that – we also offer building companys or new divisions from scratch.


We are very proud to have worked for some of the finest companies on earth:

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